Fashion with integrity - Corporate responsibility

Our products

When it comes to designing and manufacturing perfect accessories, we don’t just focus on design, trends or business criteria.

Ethical trade, sustainable purchasing, research into new materials and animal welfare are the very essence of our working methods.

Because we believe that before changing the world, we must start by changing ourselves. And it is not up to consumers to change, but to brands to offer real solutions. And it is only then that we can truly transform the impact of fashion on people, animals and the environment.

That is why Pimp’up does everything in its power to offer you fashion, yes! But fashion with integrity and total total transparency.

Our commitments

A local fashion.

It is first of all by collaborating with workshops close by and respectful of our values that our commitment begins.

Producing locally means producing more cleanly but above all more simply. It means limiting costs but also the impact on the environment by allowing us to be less than 3 hours from each of our workshops. It also means keeping a close eye on our entire production chain, right up to the final validation and shipment of the product.

But it also means making the economies of our countries and our local craftsmen work. Because yes, we have many talents so close to us! And they must be valued.

Commitment to the environment and animals are our priorities, as are human beings, crafts and know-how.

So yes, all this has a cost but it is worth it.

This is why Pimp’Up is established in 3 countries, all renowned for their know-how, values and talents:

France – Switzerland – Italy

Our workshops

Coco&Trico – Paris

Part of the collection is made in their magnificent workshop located in the heart of Paris.

Constantly in search of the latest innovations and solutions in terms of new materials and sustainable development; Coco&Trico accompany us through the seasons and bring our creations to life, while respecting an irreproachable ethical charter:

Made in france , cruelty free, vegan, 100% recycled

Amabile S.r.l.- Massa Fermana – Italia

Amabile S.r.l., a family business that also owns its own brand, manufactures another part of our collection. Their workshops are located in Italy, at the heart of the region’s shoe know-how and craftsmanship. Workshops equipped with solar panels and water recuperators to operate almost in closed circuits.

Equipped with machines that manufacture the fabric at the same time as the accessory, we have zero waste materials.

All our accessories are made with 90% recycled yarn from plastic bottles.

From a recycled plastic bottle to an innovative fashion accessory! #upcycling → the others 10%

TB Generation – Geneva

The last part of the collection is made in Geneva, the city that is the cradle of Pimp’Up. It is by a renowned craftsman, Thomas Birchler, a specialist in leather and leatherwork , that she comes to life. In very small series, limited edition, all from controlled origins and respectful of our commitments. Because the meat sector produces a lot of materials that can be used. This is another way to avoid any waste. Of course, if the origin is controlled, certified and meets our commitments. It also means proposing choice, respecting the ethics of each individual, meeting the needs of all, while proposing real solutions.

Leather policy

We only use certain types of leather, wool and other animal hair but strictly from meat industry by-products and passionate, well-bred, verified and certified suppliers in small, limited quantities.

Policy on materials derived from animals

Our animal protection policy applies to all our Pimp’up accessories, without exception.

All materials derived from the following animals are totally excluded and banned from our productions:

  • Any part of vulnerable, endangered, exotic or wild caught species
  • Fur or hair rabbit (including angora)
  • Feather and down
  • Mohair and cashmere
  • silk